2014 | Separated Land | Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta GA, USA

Separated Land

Evocative work of the territories – the places of each one, of the collective places in the unfolding of the great and mysterious thread of the Man’s History on Earth. Like maps, they grew up, scratched on the first ashes, stained like the restless hordes of prosecutors, in their incessant demand for comfort, security; by taking the propitious plateau, the most fruitful valley; by the taking to the other, to the animals, dominion of the wind and the cold. Life sprawled stubbornly on the steppe, hand in hand with itself, permuting itself anonymously in the struggling bodies. And in this great plan of doing, the meaning of blood, will and strength draws the houses, the walls, the bony contours of a body begun. Inside and outside, life and death, what fate reserves, what the will conquers. Flat exercise, descriptive as a military map, withdrawal plan, invasion plan, plane.

Then the time passes and the map shrinks. From the mineral soil, leaden from charred and ancient matter, the hot bubble, the great living body, complex vital, intelligent, savage structure is released. Able to generate, it breaks in an echoing roar, releasing in a singular moment all the strength of the cells. And this new body, whirling, levitating, and in the ratio of a thousand lives, ascends and endures. Thick volume, significant, loaded thing. Dynamic place that keeps the new and old tensions among men.

In this cyclical return of matter, in the humble process of construction, I think; the ink loosens from the hands and the gestures, with the violence of a principle, urgent and gravitational.

More body in this hypnotic dance, more noise on the surface of the uncontainable spot. Places are no longer cartographic representations; now they are inhabited places, with walls, barriers, confined and confined, contaminated and contaminating. From the smoothness of the paint are erected sculptures; they materialize in the iron and in the rest of the trees, they say of their place, occupy. We walk through its angles, redrawing its shape.

Fernando Gaspar


Making Of


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